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Small Group Ministries

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Small Group Ministries 
Provides an opportunity for members and friends to come together outside the normal worship service to deal with matters pertaining to everyday life. Health, wellness, spiritual, physical and mental fitness, depression, companionship during difficult and joyous times in life-are just a few of the areas addressed.  Below is a listing of our current meetings with details on dates, times and locations.  See of group of interest?  We welcome you to join! 

Caring Connections
Daily Assistance to families in crisis
Joan Parham, Regina Scott, Joan Cotterell

Children's Storytelling
Saturdays at 6pm
Leader: Ruby Bowman

Family and Friends

Every Thursday- 7pm
Danforth Towers-140 West Avenue
Frank and Denise Stokes
Dorothy Griffin

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Tuesdays- 5pm
Jefferson Community Service Center
299 Jefferson Avenue
Leader: Evelyn Reynolds

Understanding Depression

Every Thursday- 7pm
Maplewood Library- Dewey Avenue
Valerie Whittick, James Murphy
Rodrick Marston

Women's Community Ministry
Every Wednesday-6pm
Jefferson Ave. SDA Church
309 Jefferson Ave
Leader:May Clark