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Our Pastor
On behalf of the Jefferson Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church, my family and I would like to join in giving praise to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ from whom all blessings flow.
"It is our vision that Jefferson Avenue shall continue to Reach for the stars and become the loving, supportive, Christ-centered body of believers, who are striving to praise the Lord and lift up the name of Jesus through our initiative of Revival, Education, Alignment, Community, and Health.
By "REVIVAL", it is meant that our church will experience revival that will result in a life-changing transformation. Our desire is that each member of the Jefferson Avenue Seventh-day Adventist church will experience a vibrant and joyful relationship with Jesus Christ that will be manifested in praising the Lord and lifting up the Name of Jesus - a task that can only be achieved by an environment that is conducive to that end.
By "EDUCATION", it is meant that our church becomes a discipling center in which every member engages in growth and continuous learning that include connecting with God, connecting with other members of the church family, and connecting with the surrounding community through Small Group Ministries.
By "ALIGNMENT", it is meant that our diverse church family is enriched and unified by our love for God and by our ability to relate effectively with others to the extent that we will be known in our community as the friendliest, most loving and caring church in the city of Rochester!
By "COMMUNITY", it is meant that the Christ-centered message of hope and wholeness of the Jefferson Avenue Church will be shared with our communities so that they will get to know us and value us for our genuine interest in their well-being.
By "HEALTH", it is meant to convey that as God’s stewards and ambassadors, our Church’s aim will be to become the best-run organization in this town so that God may be glorified through our excellent witness.
We solicit our Heavenly Father’s richest blessings to be poured out in abundance to every person who unites with our efforts to build up Christ’s Kingdom.